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Cernium launches CheckVideo dealer program

Cernium launches CheckVideo dealer program

RESTON, Va.—Cernium this week launched a formalized dealer program for CheckVideo solution, its intelligent video alarm verification solution.

Cernium introduced CheckVideo two years ago and currently has “upwards of 100 dealers offering the product, we've been developing the [CheckVideo] ecosystems over the past couple of years. The business is taking off and now we need more dealers out there,” said Phil Robertson, Cernium VP of Security and Alarm division.

“What we are doing now is spending the time and resources to build up the dealer program in a more formal way with additional [marketing] materials, training programs, sales and technical engineering support.”

CheckVideo is a hosted remote video-monitoring product designed to easily connect analog cameras to a monitored service. Using analytics, the cameras are “transformed into video sensors that send critical, real-time alerts users can act on to verify and prioritize alarms, shorten law enforcement response times, stop crimes in progress and reduce false alarm fines,” the company says. Alerts are generated by the presence of people and vehicles, rather than just motion.

In June Cernium announced a partnership with Sprint that gives the dealer an option if they can't or don't want to use the existing network—because of bandwidth issues or if it's an outdoor asset where it's not cost-effective to pull Ethernet or fiber, for example.

Robertson said the program is good for “dealers who want to expand their business and focus more on their commercial business. Even though [CheckVideo can be used for residential as well] this is the type of product that shows ROI quickly with commercial customers.”

Cernium is offering dealers a “low-cost, no risk deal,” Robertson said, where dealers receive a kit, training and other technical support so they can try out the product. The company is also offering a money-back guarantee if dealers decide against offering the product.


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