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Chesley Brown implements Immix

Chesley Brown implements Immix CEO says, 'We're the first one to really implement this type of command center'

TAMPA, Fla. and ATLANTA—SureView Systems announced on Aug. 17 that Chesley Brown Companies, with corporate headquarters in Atlanta, and operation headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., is the latest customer to select Immix as their video monitoring automation platform. Chesley Brown is a national player with a global footprint, serving customers with security monitoring, consulting and guarding in 28 states and three countries.

Immix gives Chesley Brown growth opportunities through enhanced software solutions for its remote command center company, InCommand Worldwide, according to Chesley Brown chairman and CEO Brent C. Brown. “We wanted to be on the forefront of fast emerging high technology. There will always be a need for boots on the ground, but there are so many opportunities with high tech solutions that are far more cost effective and, frankly are better security solutions,” Brown said. “We will argue that we're the first one to really implement this type of command center structure using remote monitoring and video analytics in the U.S. Staying on the cutting edge of technology and who's doing it right, who's doing it wrong, we came across the Immix platform by SureView. It's answered a lot of our concerns for growing.”

Other companies that have previously employed SureView's Immix platform to take advantage of SureView's advanced video monitoring functionality include Viewpoint CRM, UCC, Mace CSSS, Waste Management Security Services, G4S' monitoring and data center, and Acadian's America OnWatch, to name a few.

SureView EVP of sales Matt Krebs said Immix opened up a new world of value for Chesley Brown customers. “Chesley Brown has a few different areas of strength. They do a little bit in the consulting arena, they do physical guarding, they do specifying. They're an ultra-professional company, with a great reputation with a multi central station footprint For us they bring a great new edition to our customer base,” Krebs said. “They're looking to be pioneers and blaze a trail with some of these next generation services and they saw Immix as an ideal way to bridge the gap at their command centers.”

Brown added that it boiled down to value. “Immix gives us more leverage to do more of our type of command center operations with more types of facilities and more companies Put all of those together and match it with the current economy that the world is in—people have to have security, but they don't have the budgets to run the security programs they used to have We can now reduce the cost of guard forces in many cases by 10 to 30 percent. And it's not just a cost reduction factor, it's a better security solution.”


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