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Comtronics goes retail with alarm sales

Comtronics goes retail with alarm sales Security company will sell alarm systems to prequalified customers at its Verizon cellphone store

JACKSON, Mich.—Comtronics is the latest security company to take alarm sales retail. In the first quarter of 2014, it will begin selling residential alarm systems through a Verizon retail store that the company owns.

“We're pioneering an initiative to sell alarms out of our Verizon retail store,” John Campau, Comtronics CEO, told Security Systems News. The full-service security company has a separate cellular division—it owns a Verizon retail store—here in Jackson, Michigan.

Campau was quick to point out that this is not related to Verizon's proprietary home security efforts. “This is not related to the Verizon initiative. This is our initiative,” he said.

Comtronics “handpicked two people to sell alarms,” for a soft launch that is ongoing, he said. In January, more sales staff will be added to the launch.

The company will continue to sell intrusion systems through its security company, but Campau believes the Verizon store is an ideal place to sell additional alarms. He points out that the customers are prequalified. “It's tied to the sale of a cellphone,” he said. “You have to have good credit [to qualify to buy the cellphone], and it prequalifies you to buy an alarm system,” Campau said. He added, “We think this is the future.”

SSN has reported on the trend of selling alarm retail. For example, Comcast is selling its Xfinity Home security/home automation product in numerous Xfinity Customer Centers nationwide. Also, small, traditional security companies, like Madison, Miss.-based The Alarm Company, are opening retail locations.


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