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CRM designed by dealers for dealers attracts major players

CRM designed by dealers for dealers attracts major players FillQuick emphasizes ease of information for dealers

EDMONTON, Canada—Designed by a former ADT dealer and developed specifically for security companies, FillQuick is a new CRM software company that is attracting some big name customers, like UCC, AvantGuard and, most recently, Monitronics.

Paul Shakuri, president, founder and owner of FillQuick told Security Systems News that the big differentiator between FillQuick and any other CRMs in the industry is “streamlining the customer's lifecycle.” FillQuick finished an integration with Monitronics in February. UCC and AvantGuard were both integrated last year, and last fall FillQuick integrated part of its software with

“The majority of dealers have an issue with double-, triple-, quadruple-entering the same information in different databases. With us� being a cloud-based software for them, they can—from no matter where—accept the information from their sales reps, their different technicians, and we can track everything with a simple amount of clicks to put it online with Monitronics,” Shakuri said.

Shakuri, an 11-year industry veteran, previously owned an authorized ADT dealership. “After closing the dealership, we then decided to become a software company and expand on the software because I was getting great responses from dealers,” Shakuri said.

Shakuri developed and tested early versions of FillQuick while he was operating the ADT dealership. “We pretty much beta-tested it ourselves as a dealer for five years.”

Monitronics' first CRM integration was with Engarde, according to Chris Soda, Monitronics manager of dealer development. “We really wanted to offer our dealers more options,” he told SSN of the company adding FillQuick.

“I think FillQuick is pretty innovative; it takes a new approach to the typical alarm dealer CRM offering.” Soda lauded the software's “modern” interface, calling it “more focused on the user experience.”

Shakuri highlighted some of the software's features. It can patch together accounting information from various departments, as well as compute the dealer's funding and payment calculations, Shakuri said.

FillQuick can check a potential customer's credit and apply that number to the account file, Shakuri said. It also has a calendar and reminder system to help sales reps follow-up on leads, he said.

Including Shakuri, FillQuick has six developers.

Shakuri said he's been approached to sell FillQuick, but said selling the company “didn't make sense at this point.”


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