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A decade of success for iluminar

A decade of success for iluminar

IRVINE, Calif—Last month signified a decade in the security business world for iluminar, a manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators, and license plate recognition products. Ten years is quite a feat, considering less than approximately 30 percent of all small businesses defined as “those with fewer than 500 employees” — in the U.S. survive for that length of time.

Co-owners Eddie Reynolds and Joni Hamasaki “met at a previous company we both worked at,” Eddie Reynolds, CEO and co-founder, iluminar told Security Systems News, became friends and eventually business partners.

At the onset of launching iluminar and over the years, Reynolds and Hamasaki have been on a mission of supplying high-quality, reliable products in addition to unrivaled customer service. “iluminar does customer service unlike anyone else in the business,” Reynolds said. “We make people feel confident with us.”

The ways in which iluminar creates such confidence with others is found in their keys to success: “We stand behind our products, don't over specify and give impeccable customer service,” Reynolds explained.

iluminar also makes it a point to show gratitude to all their partners and clients for their continued support, as evidenced in a press release. It goes on to give a bit of historical background as well: “In 1966, Marie Van Brittan Brown designed the CCTV system that we know today,” Reynolds said in the release. “It is wonderful to be able to continue the legacy as a black, woman-owned manufacturer, since a black woman invented the CCTV business.”

When asked to give advice for those starting out in the industry, Reynolds replied: “Being a small business owner is hard work and travel isn't always glamourous, but the important part is spending time getting to know customers and colleagues � that's the fun part! Work life balance is important.

“Keep your faith, whatever it is. Don't give up. If it's in your heart to have that business then don't give up. Always have an optimistic perspective — make it a habit to turn a negative into a positive.”

Everyone at SSN congratulates Eddie, Joni and the iluminar team on their success and we can't wait to see how iluminar will celebrate!

“I have many ideas and we're definitely going to celebrate, but I'm so busy right now!” Reynolds exclaimed.


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