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Devcon updates its look

Devcon updates its look

Devcon HOLLYWOOD, Fla.—Devcon Security has a new look to go with its new national presence.

This super-regional security company, which has gone national in the past year,� will begin a rebranding effort as of next Monday.

Spearheading the effort is Kristin Clark, Devcon VP of marketing. Clark is well acquainted with rebranding efforts having come to Devcon from Brink's/Broadview where she was director of media and market planning. There, among other duties, she spearheaded the brand change from Brink's to Broadview

Clark joined Devcon in December 2010 with the task of developing the marketing plan to go along with the new national strategy of the company.

“We were shooting for a fresher, more modern look with clean lines,” she said.

As of next Monday, new customers will receive lawn signs and decals that sport the new look. The entire rollout will take a while, however. “We'll be rolling it out logically. It'll be a three- to four-month process to go from the old look to the new look. There will be a dual logo out there for a certain period of time.”

Devcon is in the process of revamping its web site. The new logo includes a mark on the right side that signals “forward movement” and the new technology the company is using. In addition, the marketing and sales materials feature “people in motion, enjoying life, without worry,” Clark said.


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