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DICE Corp. wins ESX Innovation Award for new app

DICE Corp. wins ESX Innovation Award for new app

BAY CITY, Mich.—DICE Corporation won an Electronic Security Expo (ESX) Innovation Award in Indianapolis last week for its all-new Video Verification App, a completely mobile browser-based tool used in conjunction with DICE's CloudEye cloud video recording solution.

“With over 75 percent of Americans now owning smartphones, consumers are more engaged and accessible than ever before,” DICE Corp. President and CEO Cliff Dice said in the announcement. “Advancements in new technology are opening up exciting ways to keep users connected while also offering central stations significant opportunity for growth while reducing expenses.”

The app process is simple: When an alarm is tripped, users receive an immediate notification through SMS text messages, simplifying the dispatch process and giving customers the information they need to know to proceed. Users are then able to view live streams, determine if the alarm should be dispatched or canceled, and also speak to an operator for further assistance.

Additional camera locations can also be selected from a dropdown menu to provide a well-rounded view of the premises and aid the customer in determining the best course of action. If an event triggered by an alarm system occurs, app users have more control of how alarm center interaction is handled by viewing live video surveillance and other essential account information.

In addition to launching the app at ESX, the new technology also received an Innovation Award for mobile apps. “We're pleased to bring home an award and be recognized by our peers for developing outstanding products that drive the electronic security and life safety industries,” Dice said. “By offering new products like the Video Verification App and CloudEye cloud video recording solutions, we're cementing our reputation as one of the leading developers of video surveillance solutions for the alarm industry and beyond.”

In terms of compatibility, the Video Verification App is capable of being used with most monitoring software that supports the product's APIs, including DICE's Matrix Monitoring. Giving users more options and accessibility, central stations are able to reduce expenses from handling low priority alarms, improve operator efficiency, and encourage meaningful customer engagement through enhanced end-user communication.

DICE Corporation is one of the leading research and development companies in the security technology industry. As an innovator of software solutions that have helped shape the security industry, DICE has created many of the products and solutions used by some of the largest security companies worldwide. DICE's services include alarm monitoring, service, sales, cloud video recording, cybersecurity, PBX and telecom solutions. DICE also operates one of the industry's largest cloud hosting centers, supplying over one million subscribers with direct service and six million subscribers with alarm signaling services.


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