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Dice has 200k accounts in the cloud

Dice has 200k accounts in the cloud With 200k accounts in place today, Dice sets sights on 1 million accounts

BAY CITY, Mich.—Dice has added more than 200,000 accounts to its cloud-hosted monitoring center platform this year, said Cliff Dice, company president and CEO.

The cloud platform helps VoIP issues like dropped signals and also cuts attrition for alarm dealers, Dice said.

Cliff Dice is part owner of a telephone company, and Dice's hosted monitoring center uses its own network. Having the ability to fully track the signal allows Dice to see when and where a signal gets dropped and address the problem.

“Because we're controlling everything end-to-end, we don't have the problems with the VoIP issues that the alarm industry has,” Dice said.

This capability has enabled companies that switched to Dice's cloud center to cut account attrition rates by about 50 percent, Dice said.

“With the people we've put online, it's cut their attrition primarily because we were able to analyze which panels weren't working. … A lot of the alarm cancellations, problems, and service calls that alarm companies do, is related to the alarm panels not communicating right.”

Prior to this year, there were only about 10,000 accounts on Dice's monitoring center,

Many of the new 200,000 accounts were added on after the service received its recent UL-listing in March.

The company has a 24-month goal of reaching 1 million accounts total by focusing on current Dice software users. However, the new cloud center will be an easy way for alarm companies to switch from a different automation platform to Dice, he said.


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