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DTT scores Dunkin' Brands, Zaxby's Chicken

DTT scores Dunkin' Brands, Zaxby's Chicken Secured more than $100,000 in contracted RMR

LOS ANGELES—DTT, a manufacturer and integrator of video surveillance solutions, had its best month ever, securing contracts with retail giant Dunkin' Brands and with Zaxby's Chicken.

“We had $100,000 in contracted RMR in February,” DTT CEO Sam Naficy told Security Systems News. The RMR is the result of “myriad contracts” including signing an enterprise agreement with Dunkin' Brands, parent company of 11,300 Dunkin' Donuts stores.

Signed following the completion of a pilot project, Naficy said the agreement means that Dunkin' Brands gives DTT the nod as a corporate approved brand. “It's the biggest win in our history,” he said. He said the deal enables DTT to “go after all the franchises … over the next two to three years, you'll see significant adoption of our technology by that brand.”

The Zaxby's Chicken contract is for “100-plus corporate stores.”

The Dunkin' Brands deal has been in the works for 18 months and the Zaxby's deal has been nine months in the making. “Tom Moran EVP of sales and Kimberly Helms, VP of national accounts were instrumental in securing these contracts,” Naficy said.

DTT ended 2014 with about $2.5 million in contracted RMR and $30 million in topline revenue.


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