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DVTEL's all about 4K at ASIS

DVTEL's all about 4K at ASIS New VMS and camera are part of DVTEL�s �4K Certified Solutions Suite�

RIDGEFIELD, N.J. —Video surveillance provider DVTEL has always had its own cameras, but the debut of its Quasar 4K Ultra HD camera at ASIS this month will mark the first time the company is introducing a “leading camera,” DVTEL CEO Yoav Stern told Security Systems News.

The company is also pre-releasing an upgrade to its three VMS products at ASIS. The VMS releases and the new 4K camera are part of DVTEL's “4k Certified Solutions Suite,” an end-to-end solution that will guarantee 4K quality throughout, Stern said.

Using the analogy of a 4K television, Stern said that unless a television show is transmitted on 4K—which most are not—you don't get a 4K experience. “The security field is the same thing. You can have a 4K monitor and a 4K camera, but if the rest of the system doesn't conform with 4K, then you've overpaid and you don't get the 4K results.”

DVTEL has always “been very careful in the past to show and deliver open systems,” Stern said. The company's end-to-end 4K solution set “does not change the strategy, but it does position us a little bit differently,” he said. “We're slowly becoming the leaders in this [4K technology].”

Chaim Shain, director and product champion of edge products for DVTEL, said that in the past “high megapixel cameras � were not practical, useable or cost effective” because of high storage costs, poor image quality and poor light sensitivity.

Shain claims that in contrast to earlier models, “there's no compromise” on those issues with DVTEL's new 4K camera. “We look at this as the new standard for the evidentiary class of camera technology,” Shain said.

Ed Thompson, DVTEL CTO, said a “really big benefit” of the new Quasar 4K camera is its storage, which he said is more efficient even in comparison to 1080p cameras.

DVTEL will have a small booth at ASIS, but it will be showing these products in a conference room off of the show floor. The company will meet with customers and host four different forums: for users, VARs, its channel advisory group, and A&Es. In addition, DVTEL will have open hours from 10 to 12 each day when anyone can come check out its new products.

The company also announced that it will also be opening a 4K Video Lab and Video Demo Center at its headquarters here.


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