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Eagle Eye Networks completes Mexico City surveillance project

Eagle Eye Networks completes Mexico City surveillance project Dean Drako talks about deploying 13,000 cloud cameras in four months, and growth within the smart-city vertical

AUSTIN, Texas—Eagle Eye Networks, a global cloud video surveillance provider, announced the completion of a citywide surveillance program in Mexico City, installing 13,550 cameras in 4 months.

“This is the largest deployment we have done that was primarily wireless 4G,” Eagle Eye Networks CEO Dean Drako told Security Systems News. “The use of a true cloud VMS is ideal for 4G deployments when architected properly.”

Drako noted that this is one of the fastest completions of such a large-scale project like this, and the installation team was installing approximately 250 cameras per day at its peak. To facilitate this quick deployment, Eagle Eye Networks utilized 4G connectivity combined with its bandwidth optimization to get all cameras operational with remote monitoring. “In the future 4G and 5G technology will likely be a go-to solution for large scale distributed surveillance projects. It can save a lot of time and money on installation,” Drako said.

This fast-paced install occurred amidst the global supply chain challenges caused by COVID-19; however, Eagle Eye Networks’ strong partnership with both the reseller and suppliers provided alternatives and solutions to keep the project on schedule.

Drako said that the city’s primary goal is to create a safer environment for their citizens. “They want to reduce crime and violence … create more confidence in the community,” he said. “They can do this by responding more quickly and making it easier for people to reach them more quickly. The cameras provide a clear view that enhances safety especially when connected with an emergency call system.”

He noted that Eagle Eye Networks’ solution was chosen because the Eagle Eye Cloud Video API Platform provides an open solution that allows integration of new technologies (AI, advanced analytics, search, and license plate recognition, for example); new suppliers; and new cameras at any time. Future-proofing the city’s investment and eliminating the headaches associated with managing large data centers was crucial in their decision.

“When deploying a city-wide surveillance project, scalability, retention, and cellular transmission must be considered,” said Drako. “Eagle Eye’s cloud video retention and massive on demand scalability make it ideal for large-scale deployments. To operate your own large data center system for video recording is expensive and challenging. With Eagle Eye’s subscription service we provide a more robust and lower cost answer for large-scale deployments.”

While this is Eagle Eye Networks’ largest citywide deployment, the company has a number of city clients. “This is a growing vertical for Eagle Eye Networks because the cloud makes it lower cost and faster to deploy large-scale systems like this. Mexico city saved millions of dollars utilizing a cloud-based system.” 

Jeff Kessler, managing director of Imperial Capital, noted in the announcement that there is a an increased demand for “smart, accurate insights to help streamline everyday operations including public safety, traffic flow management, infrastructure and transportation. Enormous amounts of data collection, aggregation, and storage are necessary to drive the deep analysis that is required to produce these smart insights. The only way to efficiently manage this data is to aggregate and analyze in the cloud.”


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