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End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Scott Creighton

End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Scott Creighton

Scott Creighton, 37

Senior manager, Lockheed Martin

Bethesda, Md.

Scott Creighton, a Lockheed Martin senior manager of global security and crisis management, said that he didn't get started from a traditional security background.

“My background is [in] computer science, enterprise research planning, systems and business analysis and IT management,” Creighton said.

“My career in security started � because of data,” he said. In previous jobs he learned how to access information, integrate it, analyze it, and visualize it, he added. “Being able to do all that with data and information, I was able to present facts pretty [quickly] in response to business-critical questions. That's what was needed within this international security role.”

Creighton currently leads a team of systems integration personnel—which supports the company's 24/7 global operations center among other responsibilities—and serves the company's stakeholders, including international security and crisis management personnel.

“Day-to-day, we're ultimately looking at how we can integrate global threat content from various different sources and company asset information, be it where people are when traveling, where they work, and really find the intersection of that threat content and our personnel,” he said. As a direct example, Creighton pointed to Hurricane Matthew and the need to see how it will impact the company and any of its 98,000 employees worldwide.

Lockheed Martin relies on global information systems for locating its employees, and mass notification systems for contacting them, Creighton said. In an ideal world, he said that he would like to see more pervasive technology, such as smart phones and wearable technologies that could be integrated to assist the company in locating employees during an emergency.

Creighton says that he now sees “a much larger dependency on technology and IT systems and solutions.”


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