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End Users '20 under 40' 2017—Rob Creedon

End Users '20 under 40' 2017—Rob Creedon

Rob Creedon, 36

Assistant secretary for security and emergency management, MassDOT


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation covers different aspects of public transit within the state and it's where Rob Creedon first got started in the security industry.

Creedon's department handles security and emergency management for the five divisions of MassDOT: the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the highway division, the aeronautics division and the MassDOT corporate division. These responsibilities include all security infrastructure projects—such as cameras, access control, fencing, security-related assessments as well as other items under physical security, Creedon said.

The MBTA is a public transit system for the greater Boston area, including ferries, buses and a commuter rail system known as The T. “For The T, we're basically a project management group for operations and the MBTA police, where we're really doing a lot of physical infrastructure installations,” Creedon said.

He added, “For some of the other agencies, where they don't have law enforcement dedicated to them, we do have an operations desk that is more responsible for response for alarms, working with local law enforcement and dispatches across the state.”

Creedon got started in security by working on The T's Charlie Card, a system for paying fares started in 2005. “As part of the Charlie Card project, it was really the first security installation at the T where we were adding cameras, adding access control relative to the fare collection system and all of the infrastructure that went along with that.” Creedon worked in IT management before returning to security at the MBTA and MassDOT, he said.

Creedon highlighted video analytics as a promising technology, specifically in mobile video transferred over 4G networks.


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