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ESA launches Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee (LINC)

ESA launches Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee (LINC)

DALLAS—How do you attract, collect, and mentor new board members? That was the question that led the Electronic Security Association (ESA) to launch the Leadership Identification and Nominating Committee (LINC).

Leadership identification is pivotal for the growth and sustainability of ESA and the electronic security industry in the near and long-term future. The voice of young, diverse and driven leaders in the electronic security and life safety industry is vital to the long-term viability of its association. The committee will be tasked to identify and recruit future directors, standing committee chairs, and thought leaders willing to serve the industry through volunteer ESA leadership positions.

Members of the LINC Committee

LINC has seven task force members who are willing to meet with anybody in the industry who wants to give up their time, and they can help them navigate through ESA to do that.

The committee features the following security industry professionals: Kirk MacDowell, Chairman of LINC, President at MacGuard Security Advisors Inc.; Kelly Bond, Partner, Davis Mergers and Acquisitions Group; Joseph Colosimo, CEO at HomePro; Anne Ferguson, Vice President, Marketing at; Stuart Forchheimer, President, HS Technology Group; Mark Hillenburg, Vice President of Marketing at Digital Monitoring Products; and John Loud, President of LOUD Security Systems.

The Goals of LINC

LINC is brand new but has made tremendous strides already.

“This is the inaugural year, and our hope is that we are going to develop a cadre of people over time who will not only serve on the board of directors, but other committee assignments as well,” MacDowell said. “We need to expand our horizons. I think sometimes we continually ask the same people to do the same thing. There’s nothing wrong with that — but we need a diverse board and diverse committees. And that’s LINC’s mission: to not only find the right people, but to find the people who may not be as well known.”

With ESA’s new governing structure - a smaller board, meant to be more functional, nimble and strategic – there has never been a better time to ensure a variety of backgrounds and expertise lend advice and vision.

The board is composed and structured to make decisions and react to rapidly changing opportunities and threats. LINC will be a cornerstone for making a successful board foundation a reality.

Role of LINC Members

The LINC members will carry out several functions to identify future leaders and establish the foundation for model governance and operational effectiveness for ESA. These tasks can be broken into the following categories:

Recruit – The committee will identify potential leaders and begin engagement to weigh volunteer leadership interest, commitment, and competence.

Evaluate – The committee will evaluate all potential nominees for Board or committee positions with a vision of that individual’s demonstrated leadership ability and commitment to the success of the organization.

Mentor – The committee will mentor future volunteers who stand out for their leadership within the industry, but who may have limited exposure to the role of a volunteer leader of ESA.

Education – When volunteer leaders are identified to pursue board or standing committee positions, LINC members will help educate them on the expectations and role of these positions in ESA governance.

Election Oversight – The LINC members would be responsible for maintaining and providing proper oversight for ESA elections.

Orientation – When volunteers are elected or appointed to the Board or committee chair positions, LINC members will work with staff to provide orientation of board governance and ESA administration, providing new leadership with additional insight into ESA.

How LINC Impacts the Security Industry

With ESA’s integral role in the industry, it takes responsibility for fostering future leadership and support.

“ESA is vitally important to the electronic security industry, especially during this trying time of the pandemic. We have to ensure that we have people who are willing to step up not only for the association but for the industry,” MacDowell explained.  “And so, this committee is important because if we don’t do our job, we don’t have a funnel to bring new people into leadership roles. And ultimately the association is not as robust as it could be. So, we take our job pretty seriously on that.”

How You Can Get Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and support ESA’s mission. Whether you are interested in advocacy, legislation, marketing, sales or community service, there is a place for you in the association.

Reach out to for more information and with your interest.


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