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ESA: Think like a burglar

ESA: Think like a burglar

IRVING, Texas—In response to a recent FBI report that found a rise in property crime in nearly every region of the country, the Electronic Security Association, based here, is offering tips that encourage homeowners to better understand how burglars operate—and to get a security system.

In a statement, the organization said most burglaries, for instance, were not premeditated events but opportunistic ones. Burglars will often first knock on the door to check if someone is home.

Citing a 2009 study from the Rutgers School of Criminal Justice, ESA said the study found that homes without security systems are less attractive to would-be and active burglars. Also, the Cromwell-Olson-Avary study, conducted to better understand offenders' perception of the risks and rewards involved in criminal activity, found that 90 percent of convicted burglars admitted they would avoid homes equipped with security systems. If a burglar sees a decal or sign from a credible security company in front of a house, 75 percent of them “would think twice about going through with an attack,” according to that study.

The ESA statement also noted that burglars tend to target homes that are isolated and offer ample hiding places and escape paths. To counter this, homeowners can use systems with remotely controlled lights and surveillance to make concealment difficult.


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