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Essence Group partners with Enviroblind

Essence Group partners with Enviroblind

HOBOKEN, N.J. – Essence Group, a developer and supplier of wireless, cloud-based security solutions for homes and businesses, has announced its partnership with Enviroblind.

A California-based installer of security shutters for over 45 years, Enviroblind offers MyShield, a standalone security fog-generating intruder intervention system, to its business and residential customers across the west coast of the U.S.

"We are excited to expand our U.S.-based partnerships by providing customers with a comprehensive security approach that combines proactive intrusion response with intervention capabilities to effectively stop break-ins," said Dr. Haim Amir, CEO and founder of Essence Group. "Through our collaboration with Enviroblind, business and residential property owners will now be able to stop intruders from penetrating vulnerable points of entry. MyShield empowers individuals to bolster their security measures by safely removing threats quickly and from a distance for added peace of mind."

MyShield utilizes cellular IoT networks and can be used as a standalone app-based solution or integrated into existing security and professional monitoring systems. The security fog generator fills a room with a veil of harmless yet disorienting fog in about 30 seconds, forcing intruders off premises before they can cause harm to people or property. Enviroblind said it is easy-to-install, and the battery-powered system includes an integrated passive infrared motion (PIR) detector, high-definition video camera with recording capabilities, and two-way voice communication to ensure verification prior to deployment. Multiple MyShield solutions can also be daisy-chained together to cover multiple rooms and larger areas.

"The security landscape is constantly evolving with new challenges arising every day. At Enviroblind we are committed to offering solutions that make our customers feel safe and secure knowing their home or business is equipped with the most advanced security technology to stave off threats," noted James Frazier, general manager of Enviroblind. "We are thrilled to be offering Essence's MyShield alongside our existing security products to enhance customer safety like never before so families, homes, and businesses remain protected and monitored at all times."

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