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Exacq expanding headquarters

Exacq expanding headquarters

FISHERS, Ind.—Exacq Technologies is expanding its offices for the third time since moving into its headquarters here in 2009.

A manufacturer of video management system software and video surveillance hardware, Exacq has surged in recent years, boasting three-year revenue growth of 412 percent and, for the third consecutive year, landing on the Inc. 5000 list. [] Since 2010, when the company initially appeared on the list, Exacq has added 45 jobs.

The expansion adds 20,000 square feet to the 29,000 square feet of offices Exacq already occupies. An option is in place to add 12,000 square feet in the future.

Roger Shuman, marketing manager at Exacq, credits the company's success and expansion to a sound vision and timely products, particularly the hybrid video surveillance server. It was introduced in 2006, about the time the market for IP cameras began to explode.

“I think we understood the needs of the industry at exactly the right time,” Shuman said. “We initially did so well with the hybrid video server because we had an out-of-the-box solution that enabled end users to connect analog cameras immediately.”

Shuman also attributes Exacq's sustained growth to success in multiple vertical markets, including education and health care. He also believes workplace continuity has contributed to Exacq's rise, as many employees worked together previously at other tech and security companies, such as Integral Technologies, now a subsidiary of Schneider Electric SA, and Truevision.

“We have a really good group of people that goes back further than Exacq,” Shuman said. “There's a lot of trust and a good understanding of how to build a sales channel.”

In addition to its office expansion at home, Exacq recently added an office in the United Kingdom. Shuman expects the office expansion at its Fishers headquarters to be completed in the next few months.


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