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Eyewitness Surveillance merges with Watchdog Virtual Guard

Eyewitness Surveillance merges with Watchdog Virtual Guard Companies both work in protecting metal recycling plants

HANOVER, Md.—Eyewitness Surveillance, a provider of remote video monitoring and other security services based here, is merging security solution provider Watchdog Virtual Guard into its operations.

Eyewitness and Watchdog will not be operating independently, they will be “merged as one synergistic platform,” Rush McCloy, CEO of Eyewitness Surveillance, told Security Systems News. “One of the things that the transaction helps us achieve is just an even deeper focus and knowledge base for both security and subsequent product development.”

The deal aligns with the company's core philosophies, according to McCloy, which are to “focus on verticals and bolster the customer experience.”

Eyewitness is planning on maintaining the Watchdog brand. “I think they have a very strong brand in the metal recycling industry and we certainly want to leverage that as much as we can,” said McCloy.

Eyewitness works mostly in the automotive space, protecting new car lots, but also works with metal recycling plants, which is Watchdog's core focus. “When you have a lot of vertical knowledge, and a focus, you can better develop solutions for the operational needs of customers. So, I think Watchdog has a great sense of the needs of the metal recycling industry.”

The combined company will have about 130 employees and will be protecting more than 600 sites. Eyewitness and Watchdog share some geographic markets, McCloy noted. “Watchdog is in 23 states, Eyewitness is in 21 states and the combined company will be in 27 states,” he said. “We can leverage and enhance our service team and account management teams in the areas where we are growing.”

Almost 12 months ago, Eyewitness Surveillance received $25 million in credit from Capital One, which was helpful in this deal, McCloy said. “Capital One has been unbelievably supportive.”

Eyewitness was founded in 2004 and operates a monitoring center here. Watchdog Virtual Guard, started in 2008, partners with a third party monitoring center—a relationship that Eyewitness is continuing.


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