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Gallagher launches latest version of Command Centre software

Gallagher launches latest version of Command Centre software

Gallagher launches latest version of Command Centre software

HAMILTON, New Zealand—Gallagher, a leading manufacturer in security technology, has released the latest version of its award-winning site management software, Command Centre, enabling organizations to future-proof their security with ease.

The release of Command Centre v8.60 offers features and enhancements that help build for the future, including an increase in the supported number of controllers and workstations, a new user interface for Active Directory Synchronization (AD Sync), easy integration with cloud technology, and the ability to access Command Centre Mobile from anywhere.

“Amid the ever-changing landscape of the past two years, Gallagher has remained committed to driving product innovation and development in line with real-world customer challenges,” said Meredith Palmer, Chief Product Officer at Gallagher. “The latest features and enhancements within the v8.60 release provide organizations with scalability, added security, and reassurance they’re protected for the future.”

Command Centre v8.60 enables customers to scale as they grow with more supported controllers and workstations than ever before. v8.60 supports up to 10,000 controllers in a single server environment, doubling the 5,000 controllers supported in v8.50. Additionally, v8.60 now supports up to 300 Command Centre client workstations connected to the server simultaneously, providing greater scalability for large organizations.

Enhancements to AD Sync mean customers can enjoy a new user interface that allows Active Directory user details to be synchronized with Gallagher Command Centre,  creating an easier configuration and maintenance experience. Architectural changes to AD Sync have resulted in synchronization speeds of up to three times faster than previous versions.

The introduction of the Command Centre Cloud API Gateway offers a simple and secure integration with third-party applications via the cloud. This removes the potential complexity and cost of integrating Command Centre with third-party, cloud-hosted services, while increasing the security of these integrations.

Customers can now access Command Centre Mobile from anywhere without the need for a corporate network or VPN. From v8.60, sites can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection, by seamlessly and securely connecting the Command Centre mobile application through the Gallagher Cloud to their Command Centre system.

This is the second Command Centre software update for 2021 to help protect customers from emerging cybersecurity risks and ensure they benefit from the latest technologies. Customers who have Gallagher Software Maintenance and Care Plan have access to every Command Centre release, ensuring they can update their software at any time and take full advantage of new features.

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