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Genetec feature trickles video

Genetec feature trickles video Omnicast feature designed for reliability and bandwidth efficiency

MONTREAL—IP security solutions provider Genetec on Feb. 1 announced a new “video trickling feature” on its Omnicast VMS, which allows users to transfer selected video for storage at selected times.

Available on its recently released version of Omnicast, the feature is ideal “when there is limited bandwidth, with wireless or when there is a network where you don't want to stream video all the time,” said Francis Lachance, Genetec product manager.

More camera makers are offering recording at the edge and this functionality is starting to be picked up by some VMS systems, Lachance said. “What's unique about Genetec support for this solution is that you can transfer video on demand, on a schedule,” Lachance said.

It's like choosing to use electricity during off-peak hours; it saves money and it's more efficient, he said.

The solution is well suited to retail applications, he said. Retail companies with many outlets often deploy cameras and DVRs in each separate branch or store. “This is costly. With video trickling, there's the option of using cameras with local storage capability ... and transferring the video back to the headquarters at a scheduled time, during off hours.”

It's also well suited for a wireless citywide network, he said. The video trickling feature can be set to detect when there's a problem with the network, stop the streaming and transfer the missing video, he said.

The operator creates rules that determine which video is transferred from the edge device to the Omnicast Archiver and when that happens. The transfer can be based on three different modes, according to the company. It can transfer based “on schedule, on events or manually. The amount of video being transferred can also be controlled based on filters such as time ranges, playback requests, events, alarms, video bookmarks, and an interval when a unit is offline,” according to Genetec.


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