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Gorilla Technology integrates with VMS provider Airship

Gorilla Technology integrates with VMS provider Airship Gorilla looks to increase its U.S. presence

TAIPEI, Taiwan—Gorilla Technology, a video IoT platform company based here, recently announced a partnership with VMS provider Airship, based in Redmond, Wash.

“It's a win-win partnership on both technology/products and business,” Dr. Spincer Koh, CEO of Gorilla Technology, told Security Systems News. “Gorilla offers end-to-end hybrid edge-server/cloud AI solutions, provides 40-plus analytics for real time and offline scenarios across security intelligence and business intelligence. � Airship has [a] unique VMS which is fully complementary on the product lines and technology, without any conflict on products and technology.”

On the business side, Gorilla Technology has 16 years of experience in various security fields. “Airship's customers can benefit from adding Gorilla capabilities to [enhance] their current surveillance system, from both security and business operation intelligence aspects,” Koh said.

“Gorilla's potential customer can have Airship VMS as their option, which has been tightly integrated to facilitate easiness of deployment and lower TCO while enjoying the latest video analytics and IoT intelligence from Gorilla.”

The integration between Airhsip and Gorilla should be done in February, Koh said. “Right now we're almost to the end of the integration, and then we can bring that to their customer to show what � the customer wanted, because we have more than 40 analytics.”

“Three key challenges long facing smart video surveillance and asset protection systems are the acquisition of information at multiple scales; interpreting the automatic analysis data to detect events of interest and identify trends; and how to use these techniques to build large-scale deployable systems,” Paul Allen, VP of sales of Airship, said in the announcement of the integration.

“Our partnership with Gorilla Technology not only allows us to quickly resolve these issues, but it enables us to tap into a rapidly growing video IoT market. The nature of our integrated joint solutions makes them future-proof, scalable and easily integrated into any customer's unique HW/SW infrastructure,” Allen continued.

Koh described the company as covering every continent besides South America. Gorilla Technology officially entered the U.S. Market in April 2016 and the company plans to expand its presence in the U.S. market. Gorilla is looking to have a 30-person team in the U.S. this year, across three main regions: the West Coast—based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Coast, and the South.

“In the West Coast � we have a small team already. We're going to start expanding really fast from the west coast team,” Koh said.

Gorilla Technology began by focusing on two technological areas: video and network intelligence. The company started—more than a decade ago—by applying this to verticals like law enforcement, criminal investigation, national security and border control. Now, Gorilla has branched out to new areas, such as the commercial sector— “anything that can use the video and the video analytics,” Koh said.

The company has about 240 employees, nearly 85 percent of which are technology engineers and developers, and develops its own proprietary technology, according to Koh.

Gorilla is looking to work with other VMS providers, he said.


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