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Honeywell launches easy-to-install bridge from home security to home automation

Honeywell launches easy-to-install bridge from home security to home automation

Honeywell today released a new product that the company says will meet the needs of millions of customers who want to add very basic, affordable home automation features to their home security systems.

Here's what the company said in today's release of its 5800ZBRIDGE device: “The newest member of Honeywell's 5800 Series wireless devices, the 5800ZBRIDGE is an easy-to-install product that enables Honeywell security systems to control up to four Z-Wave devices.� It can automatically set back thermostats and turn lights on or off whenever security systems are armed or disarmed—helping homeowners save money and conserve resources every day by simply using their security systems.”

Jonathan Klinger, VP of marketing for the Melville, N.Y.-based Honeywell Security & Communications, told me yesterday that the product “will enable dealers to tie any Honeywell wireless security system to Z-Wave thermostats or lighting control modules.”

He said that the idea behind it “is to address the needs of the millions of households who either have or are about to have Honeywell security systems who are really just looking for basic energy management and lighting control.”

An example, Klinger said, is women living alone returning in the evening to dark homes they hope are empty. He said being able to turn lights on at the same time they disarm the house as they approach it, “provides them with reassurance.”

Mark O'Keefe, general manager for Honeywell's StreetSmart, said in a statement in today's release, “With the 5800ZBRIDGE, dealers can provide homeowners with the ability to save money on their heating and air conditioning expenses.”

Also, O'Keefe continued, with the 5800ZBRIDGE, homeowners “see more value in their security systems and are more apt to use them every day—making it an excellent account retention tool and new business driver.� It can also be easily retrofitted into existing Honeywell security installations to help dealers reduce attrition and close more business.”

The 5800ZBRIDGE is compatible with Honeywell's LYNX and select VISTA control panels, the company said.


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