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House proud DOOR releases new app, AI assistant

House Proud

ST. LOUIS — Latch, soon to be DOOR, is launching the DOOR app, which consolidates its access control services, and introducing its AI assistant, Doorman.  

“The DOOR app literally unlocks our technology in your building,” said Chief Doorman Jamie Siminoff, who founded Ring, sold it to Amazon and then launched Honest Day’s Work (HDW), during a video reveal event. “For those that currently have Latch in their building, the DOOR app will be replacing the Latch app over the next few months. There are no additional costs – just additional benefits.” 

The benefits of the DOOR app include residents being granted access to a full list of amenities (customizable by the property manager), including the pool, outdoor theater, firepit, gym and more. Residents and property managers will also be able to access real-time information about common areas in the building to check availability and book time directly through the app. Other features include the ability to charge for amenity bookings and, with Doorman, to send real-time notifications about maintenance and events happening in their communities. 

The applications of Doorman also include assisting residents across services like notification delivery and maintenance tickets. 

“When a ticket comes in, the Doorman will immediately assist the resident to see if this is something they can solve together,” Siminoff said. “We’ve seen in our own property management business that over 20% of tickets can be positively impacted by Doorman already.” 

Latch is also bringing full-service amenities to its DOOR app with DOOR Services, thanks to its acquisition of HDW earlier this year. DOOR Services provides users access to housekeepers, dog walkers and drivers, and reduces the time spent acquiring those professionals. Residents will be able to use DOOR Services to find, hire, track the status of, provide access and pay service providers directly in the DOOR app. 

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