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i-Pro shares 2023 video surveillance trends predictions

i-Pro shares 2023 video surveillance trends predictions

TOKYO – Public safety and surveillance solutions provider i-Pro has released its top surveillance trend predictions for 2023.

First up i-Pro sees AI-driven analytics becoming the standard for cutting edge technology in cameras and video management systems (VMS). “There are simply too many camera streams for humans to monitor effectively, so AI-based analytics will be a catalyst that enables security departments to do more with less,” i-Pro wrote. “This evolution will drive a significant shift in stance for physical security by enabling organizations to become more proactive in response to real-time events instead of reacting to past events.” i-Pro said that 2023 will see a shift in focus from capturing video to recording data and posits that the challenge to companies will be in utilizing that data properly for security and more.

Cybersecurity awareness and zero trust is also on i-Pro’s radar for 2023 hot topics. Recognizing the untrustworthiness posed by state-owned manufacturers i-Pro says companies will continue to push the security of their networks and predicted that Europe will fall in step with the U.S. in regard to push back against Chinese manufactured surveillance and security devices and compliance with zero trust architecture and design. “We anticipate continued adoption of zero trust practices which validate every transaction between devices and people. Cybersecurity as a pillar of corporate responsibility will become an emerging trend as businesses seek to safeguard business continuity for their customers.” i-pro said.

The supply chain issues experienced since the beginning of the pandemic will persist into 2023 as well i-Pro predicts, although know with the hard-earned wisdom of two years’ worth of preparation and mitigation. Even so they say that deployment of solutions to combat supply chain problems may not present in the next twelve months. “2023 promises to be an impactful and transitional year for security professionals as businesses seek stability while also having less resources to work with,” said Norio Hitsuishi, global head of product management, i-PRO Co., Ltd. “The physical security industry has the potential to step up and help companies do more with less by providing a wealth of data and insights not only to help protect people and assets, but also to help the bottom line.”

Other key topics for 2023 as listed by i-Pro are open AI platforms and privacy protection. For more information see


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