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I-View Now focuses on dealer program

I-View Now focuses on dealer program Former Honeywell exec joins the company

HENDERSON, Nev.—I-View Now is focusing on its dealer program, including rolling out a new portal and bringing on former Honeywell exec Marek Robinson as a business development consultant.

“I've known Larry Folsom for many years beyond just I-View Now. He and I have worked very closely together, I liked what he was doing with I-View Now and where the company was going. So, there was an opportunity for me to help Larry and the team at I-View in a lot of the work that they're doing with expanding and enhancing their dealer program and building it out,” Robinson, who officially joined I-View Now in February, told Security Systems News.

“At Honeywell, I spent a lot of time working with our dealers and building out our dealer program. It is a very good fit; I'm passionate about video verification, I'm also passionate about dealers programs,” said Robinson, who held various roles at Honeywell for more than about 20 years.

“Working for Honeywell over the years, you learn a lot of best practices from a big business, or a large company, and you're able to implement those in a smaller company to be efficient along the way,” Robinson said.

I-View Now is working on rolling out a new dealer portal in May, Robinson said, a project that started development this past winter. Robinson highlighted several benefits to the new dealer program, including having a good way to quickly onboard new team members, find the marketing materials a dealer might need, and have tools for lead management.

“A lot of what's driving this is really wanting to ensure that the dealers have anytime, anywhere access to the information that they need to be successful. For a lot of dealers, selling video verification is something different than [what] they've been doing in the past,” Robinson said. One way I-View can help accelerate the dealer's learning process is through specific toolkits and modules, for dealers as well as their sales people and technicians, he said.

I-View Now plans to promote the concept of verification more, according to Robinson. “I think there's a huge opportunity for us, as a security industry, to promote the concept of video verification. It's something that's been out there for quite some time on a smaller scale.”

I-View Now is pushing to make sure that end users are aware of verification technologies, Robinson said, an effort which ultimately needs a strong dealer base behind. “As we begin to go out and promote the message of video verification to the end users, it's going to be critical that we have a robust dealer network in place to support the end user demand.”


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