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I-View Now integrates with Nest cameras

I-View Now integrates with Nest cameras Nests Gene LaNois says verification will benefit traditional dealers

PALO ALTO, Calif.—Smart home company Nest, based here, recently announced a new partnership with I-View Now, bringing video verification into its cameras.

“It's really about enabling professional security installers and dealers to start to be able to utilize the Nest brand in their business. There's a huge brand awareness when it comes to the Nest brand and the smart and connect home,” Gene LaNois, general manager for the professional channel at Nest, told Security Systems News.

"It fits with our direction, which is: we're going to keep bringing these best of breed video platforms into the network,"Larry Folsom, president of I-View Now, told SSN.

Through a cloud-to-cloud integration, I-View Now can pull a clip from a Nest camera and pair it with a security event that occurred at the same time. This information, sent to monitoring centers and end users, can help to reduce false alarm dispatches and improve information sent to responders.

“Cloud-to-cloud integrations make a lot of sense to us, because it means that—in the case of Nest—they're managing the firmware with the devices, they're managing the relationship with the customers and essentially, we're only involved during an alarm event,” Folsom said. Through leveraging the cloud, I-View Now can gather the relevant video footage without being directly involved with the physical device, Folsom noted.

LaNois said this partnership will allow dealers to incorporate Nest cameras into a security system they are installing and incorporate more recurring monthly revenue. The integration will also be available with Nest's new Secure system, a DIY install system with the option of professional monitoring through MONI.

LaNois said that the integration should be available in time for ISC East, to be held Nov. 15 and 16 in New York City. A dialogue between the two companies—Nest and I-View Now—began in 2014, Folsom said, and the companies have been working on the integration in the past year.

This functionality will be available in all of Nest's cameras, LaNois said, including the standard Nest Cam indoor, Nest Cam outdoor, the indoor and outdoor Nest Cam IQ models, and its doorbell. It's also compatible with previously installed Nest cameras.

“I truly believe that video verification is going to become more of the benchmark, and more of a standard, versus where it sits today,” LaNois said.

I-View Now will be announcing several IoT integrations coming out in the next 30 days.


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