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iluminar appoints Pierre Bourgeix to Board of Advisors

iluminar appoints Pierre Bourgeix to Board of Advisors

IRVINE, Calif.—iluminar, the specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared and white light illuminators, has appointed Pierre Bourgeix, Chief Technology Officer and Founder of ESI Convergent LLC, a global security consultancy, to its board of advisors.

“We are excited for Pierre Bourgeix to join iluminar’s leadership group,” iluminar President and CEO Eddie Reynolds said in the announcement. “Pierre brings a wealth of knowledge and security experience to the table that is invaluable. His partnership will strengthen iluminar’s share of voice in the marketplace as well as new business opportunities.”

Bourgeix brings more than 30 years of security experience through his work at The Rand Corporation, U.S. State Department, ADT/Tyco Security, HySecurity, Wallace International, SecureState and BoonEdam. With Bourgeix’s expertise, iluminar looks to expand its influence and customer base across the security channel in the critical infrastructure, education, manufacturing and retail verticals.

“I am thrilled to be nominated to iluminar's Board of Advisors and partner with Eddie Reynolds,” said Bourgeix. “Security solutions today rely on video, analytics and inference at the edge, but none of this is possible without clear video capture enabled by powerful lighting. I look forward to supporting iluminar and driving education around the critical role lighting plays in the smart security solution equation.”

Bourgeix’s competencies center around physical and cyber security governance. He has a proven track record of success working with the U.S. Secret Service, National Security Agency (NSA), and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Bourgeix’s other knowledge areas include electronic security, managed services security, information technology (IT), and cybersecurity. Today, Bougeix is a respected industry expert and is involved in the development of security standards for the testing of products, systems and solutions.

Bourgeix holds master’s degrees in both Behavioral Education and International Business Management, with a bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science. He is also a member of the U.S. Naval Institute and is fluent in English, French and Arabic.

iluminar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of infrared (IR) and white light illuminators and license plate recognition products. Co-owners Eddie Reynolds and Joni Hamasaki bring over 30 years of combined industry experience. Together, they launched iluminar in 2009 with a mission to supply high-quality and reliable lighting and license plate recognition products to the video surveillance industry, backed by unsurpassed customer service. Clients have continually come to rely on iluminar for superior performance and customer service, including support in specifying lighting solutions for video surveillance applications as well as for general lighting.

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