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Inaugural Ally of the Year Awards 2020

Inaugural Ally of the Year Awards 2020

ROSEVILLE, Calif.—Inteligenca Inc., a boutique management consulting company that created the inaugural Cybersecurity Women of the Year Awards Gala at Black Hat to celebrate the achievements of girls and women across the world working in the security space, is adding an event to the RSA Conference —Ally of the Year Awards (AYA). These awards celebrate all who have significantly contributed to make security and technology more inclusive.

During a recent discussion about what makes a true impact in the real world, Carmen Marsh, Inteligenca Inc. CEO, realized that “taking action” is key; there's quite a stretch between talking and doing. It was during this that Marsh came up with the idea for AYA 2020.

“Being an ally requires us to step outside of our comfort zone and be selfless,” Marsh said in the announcement. “It means we stand up to support the person or cause, even if it requires us to take a step back on our own journey.”

The awards will be presented on February 23rdat 6:30pm at�Monroe in San Franciscoto the winners in seven different categories: Company AYA; Male Ally of the Year; Program AYA; Non-profit AYA; Recruiter AYA; Educator AYA and Media AYA, all of which must meet specific criteria. Click�here�to see category finalists and learn more about AYA.


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