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Inovonics launches mobile duress system for indoor and floor-level locations

Inovonics launches mobile duress system for indoor and floor-level locations

Inovonics launches mobile duress system for indoor and floor-level locations

LOUISVILLE, Colo.—Inovonics, an industry leader in wireless solutions for life-safety applications, has announced the launch of Inovonics mobile duress, designed to provide precise indoor room and floor-level location when someone activates an Inovonics pendant.

Built upon the Inovonics cloud platform, the solution marries the reliable hardware Inovonics is known for with powerful software and API tools for easy integration and data access.

“Inovonics has provided dependable duress systems to schools, hospitals, municipal facilities and other commercial properties for decades,” said Scott Fincher, Senior Product Manager at Inovonics. “With our launch of Inovonics mobile duress, the security industry finally has the accurate indoor location solution it’s been waiting for.”

Mobile duress pendants, or panic buttons, have played a crucial role in protecting life and property for decades. Security systems can easily associate a fixed pendant with a specific location upon installation, but determining indoor location when someone activates a body-worn pendant has been significantly more problematic and cost prohibitive.

Cellphone apps can help pinpoint location through the use of GPS technology, but GPS cannot distinguish between floors, and it takes precious time for someone to access and activate a phone app – and this is assuming their phone is readily available, fully charged and has reliable in-building cell coverage. In such situations, responders may know a problem exists, but not know where.

The Inovonics mobile duress system solves this problem by delivering an innovative location solution for responders so that they know precisely where to go in an emergency. Inovonics mobile duress seamlessly integrates into an end customer’s existing physical security infrastructure and is easy to install and cost effective to deploy. Furthermore, because Inovonics is a proven leader in highly reliable, UL-listed, wireless life-safety solutions, both security dealers and the customers they support can be confident it will work.

Available through select security dealers, Inovonics mobile duress works in concert with any existing security system, sending location details directly into a central station monitoring, access control or any other IP-based application.

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