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Integrators '20 under 40' 2015—Scott Ranger

Integrators '20 under 40' 2015—Scott Ranger

Scott Ranger, 34

VP Operations, CONTAVA

Edmonton, Alberta

“My impression of security from a distance was that it was fairly simplistic, I found it was quite the contrary after spending some time with CONTAVA,” said Scott Ranger.

Ranger came to systems integration firm CONTAVA four years ago as a project manager following 14 years in the telecom industry. He was surprised to learn how technology was being used. “It's pretty amazing what's being done in the security world,” he said.

Although it comes with “barriers and challenges,” the technology Ranger finds the most interesting is analytics. “We see more and more use of and higher adoption rates coming through proof of concept. We're working down the path to validate the strength and viability of analytics.”

The right analytic technology in the right application better leverages the platform and investment,” he said. “It's really about getting greater ROI.”

To get more talented young people involved in security, the industry needs to take a real interest in local and community colleges. CONTAVA has an organized outreach effort with local schools.

“You need to take the opportunity to inform students what the industry is all about. If you don't you'll lose the best students to large IT or telecoms. These students need to know that in security there's the opportunity to work with all the world-renowned names. Security touches all platforms—which can be more exciting that focusing your career on just one.”


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