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Integrators '20 under 40' 2017—Rusty Fouse

Integrators '20 under 40' 2017—Rusty Fouse

Rusty Fouse, 36

Central region field operations manager, MONI Smart Security


Rusty Fouse has been with MONI Smart Security since 2014. As the company's central region field operations manager, Fouse works with a team of technicians.

“We're primarily focused on making sure that every day we're delivering exceptional customer service and taking care of our customers,” Fouse said. “I really do love what I'm doing and I've found a great home here at MONI—so, I'm enjoying it.”

As a teenager, Fouse was presented an opportunity in the industry. “I took it, never looked back,” he said. “I'm very appreciative that I was taught a trade and given an opportunity to grow in the business. That led to just lots of learning, and countless hours in customer homes, working my way through the ranks and really learning the whole business.”

Fouse said that HR teams and recruiters play a critical role in explaining to young professionals the opportunity that MONI—and other companies in the industry—can present. He added that it is key to let “everybody know what's out there, and what we offer, and what chances they could be given and opportunities they could be given to grow their career in a field that is definitely promising.”

What do you like most about the industry? “For me, I really enjoy the fact that we really make an impact on people's lives, and what we do can impact them in the time of an emergency and a time of need,” Fouse said. “It really pushes me to make sure that we're all focused on the big picture of protecting people and their property and really pushing my team to gravitate toward that same line of thinking.”


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