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Iris ID partners with AT&T on DoorCam 3+

Iris ID partners with AT&T on DoorCam 3+

Iris ID partners with AT&T on DoorCam 3+

CRANBURY, NJ – Iris ID Systems Inc., a global provider of authentication technology, revealed that it has become the exclusive North American representative of the all-new remo+ DoorCam 3+ LTE over-the-door connected smart security cameras.

Iris ID Systems said that the remo+ DoorCam 3+ is now available with AT&T connectivity and will function like a cell phone with affordable storage data plans. With continuous communication available via a Wi-Fi connection and/or the AT&T LTE network, DoorCam 3+ customers will always have access to their security video.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for remo+ DoorCam to provide affordable security to renters who are unable to make permanent installations in their homes. The DoorCam 3+ LTE provides a simple and accessible solution for everyone to benefit from,” said Bryan Quackenbush, director of e-Commerce, Iris ID. “With over 2 million US homes that are broken into every year, this easy over-the-door security camera can be a first step in deterring criminal activity and possibly capturing evidence.”

Over-the-door smart cameras provide security with visibility and control over key entry points. According to Iris ID, apartment renters, seniors and caregivers, RV owners and truck drivers are among the targeted audience of these solutions. Key features of the camera include home security, remote monitoring, motion detection, recorded footage for evidence, and intruder deterrent.

AT&T’s LTE coverage is an important addition to the DoorCam 3+ functionality as it will now reach more customers in more places. AT&T connectivity will function as a backup to Wi-Fi in the remo+ DoorCam 3+. This means that if Wi-Fi goes down, the cellular service kicks in providing uninterrupted access to security and to customers’ videos.

“We understand the importance of enhancing your home security. The DoorCam 3+ LTE now integrated with AT&T connectivity, provides an added layer of protection,” noted Mike Van Horn, assistant vice president, product management, AT&T Connected Solutions. “This technology ensures your front door and property is not just monitored; it’s seamlessly connected giving you greater peace of mind. Reliable connectivity helps empower users with control and awareness where they need it.”

“Since its inception in 2014, remo+ has been a market leader as the world’s only over the-door smart security camera,” Iris ID Systems wrote in its release. “We are excited about the future of remo+ DoorCam and look forward to the opportunities that our strong collaboration with AT&T will bring to both of our customers in these new markets.”

Iris ID is currently presenting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. For more information, interested parties are encouraged to visit the AT&T booth #3317 (West Hall) at CES.


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