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Iveda speeds up response time to school threats

Iveda speeds up response time to school threats

Iveda speeds up response time to school threats

MESA, Ariz. – Iveda's new exclusive agreement with the Piñon Unified School District on the Navajo (Diné) Nation Reservation in Piñon, Ariz., allows the company to effectively equip three school campuses with AI-powered video surveillance technology. 

IvedaAI will use data from 11 of the district's existing cameras to intelligently monitor and alert for unauthorized intruders, smoke and fire and on-campus traffic flow issues, as well as facial and license plate recognition. Using the technology, Piñon Unified School District can quickly receive notifications, analyze and report situations on campus from video data to help locate, track and isolate threats in real-time. 

“Schools around the country are turning to Iveda to help keep their students and staff safe,” said David Ly, Iveda CEO and founder. “Through the power of AI, we can accurately monitor our nation’s campuses by adding an extra layer of protection so students can focus on what matters most – receiving a top-notch education. The Piñon Unified School District realizes the importance of enhanced on-campus security to help protect the Diné youth. Iveda is supporting this mission by providing solutions that monitor for abnormalities and alert the proper authorities in real-time, greatly increasing efficient response time.” 

Iveda said that the collaboration with the Piñon Unified School District follows the 2023 beta testing of Iveda’s school safety surveillance systems with Tempe Preparatory Academy. 

How does it work 

“Iveda’s core technology, IvedaAI, which uses deep learning technology for advanced AI Video Search, powers our intrusion detection and weapon detection capabilities, as well as facial and license plate recognition and detecting smoke, fire, vapor particles, and even allergens, to help keep students and school staff safe.” Ly told SSN. “Similar to Google for text search, IvedaAI allows users to search video footage for specific objects (100+ types) with multiple colors and quantities. Layered into any pre-existing IP cameras, IvedaAI can search across dozens to thousands of cameras in less than 1 second, greatly improving response time in critical situations.” 

He continued, “With our weapons detection feature, school officials can set up real-time alerts for specific types of weapons, including handguns, and rifles, that appear in the camera’s field of view. With functionality beyond the human eye, the AI can detect a weapon even if it’s a black handgun against a black sweatshirt, or even if just the handle is visible. Providing critical video images to identify active shooter events in real-time, IvedaAI can also integrate with third party systems to trigger lockdowns upon detection.” 

What’s the impact 

Myron McLaughlin, facilities director of Piñon Unified School District, described the challenges they faced instituting security in such a rural Arizona district, and what it was about Iveda’s platform that made them believe it was the right fit for their needs. 

“There are many reasons why we chose Iveda as our partner to enhance safety and security across the Piñon Unified School District, but what really made this a no-brainer decision is how deeply the leadership team at Iveda understands how important it is to keep our people out of harm’s way,” he said. “Iveda’s AI-powered surveillance technology checks all of the boxes, especially as we leverage our pre-existing IP cameras without needing to purchase all new equipment, providing a major cost savings.” 

He continued, “The range of threats or concerning behavior IvedaAI is able to cover, including unauthorized intruders, smoke and fire, on-campus traffic flow issues, as well as facial and license plate recognition, is also a huge advantage of the technology. Further, the scalability of IvedaAI means we can seamlessly integrate the technology across multiple campuses, allowing us to enhance security measures throughout the Piñon district.” 

Security above all 

McLaughlin addressed parental concerns about children’s privacy, with help from Iveda. 

“Through our conversations with Iveda’s leadership, we learned the company adheres to strict ethical guidelines and principles in its use of AI, prioritizing fairness, transparency, privacy, and security, while ensuring all information and data is held within the school and goes nowhere else,” he said. “The parents and families of the Piñon Unified School District understand that while the privacy of their children remains a high priority, their safety and security is ever more critical to their wellbeing – and Iveda is able to meet all of these needs.”  


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