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J3 Consulting secures contract with IRS

J3 Consulting secures contract with IRS

J3 Consulting Secures Contract with IRS

WASHINGTON – J3 Consulting, a consulting and cybersecurity services provider, announced that it’s been contracted to provide acquisition support services for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Cybersecurity Security Services & Investment Office.

Jeannie Jones-Ledford, J3 president & CEO, noted that the primary goal of this engagement is to facilitate the efficient execution of the IRS's IT Cyber Mission by offering expertise in acquisition planning, program management, and technical writing. “This partnership underscores J3 Consulting's commitment to bolstering the nation's cybersecurity infrastructure and supporting the critical mission of the IRS,” she said.

J3 illustrates that the scope of their services covers the entire acquisition lifecycle, including pre-award and post-award contract administration. Jones-Ledford explained that the objective of the partnership is to ensure compliance with all relevant government regulations and policies while streamlining the acquisition process.

The contract, valued at $4.4 million, represents a substantial milestone for J3 Consulting, showcasing the company's expertise in acquisition and cybersecurity.

“We are honored to be chosen as a trusted partner by the IRS,” Jones-Ledford said. “This contract reflects our dedication to providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions and expertise to protect critical government systems. At J3 Consulting, we are committed to supporting the IRS in its mission to safeguard taxpayer data and maintain the trust of the American people."

J3 Consulting boasts a proven track record of providing support to government agencies. Clients for the LLC include the USDA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Department of Justice.

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