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Johnson Controls launches Autocall Foundation Series fire detection solution

Johnson Controls launches Autocall Foundation Series fire detection solution

MILWAUKEE—Johnson Controls has announced the launch of Autocall Foundation Series fire detection systems for small to mid-size building protection.

The Foundation Series is a complete, off-the-shelf fire detection solution featuring addressable and non-addressable models, and a full range of reliable, proven Autocall devices.

Johnson Controls“This new, simplified series provides all the benefits and reliability of Autocall fire detection systems to our customers in a simple, economical and effective package,” said Anna Khanova, vice president, global product management, Johnson Controls. “The streamlined solution means contractors and technicians can complete projects easier and faster with the confidence that the system fully meets the needs of their customers.”

The Autocall Foundation Series requires minimal training to install and program, making it ideal for technicians and electricians of all levels looking to complete their job efficiently and competitively. The series includes a free mobile app and quick, easy-to-follow online training videos that help installers become familiar with the equipment and learn fire alarm system basics.

In addition, the Autocall Foundation Series features four new fire alarm control units, including two non-addressable models with both four- and eight-zone options and two addressable models with both 50- and 250-point options. The addressable control units feature a 4-line by 40-character LCD display. The series also includes a full range of notification appliances, sensors, and annunciators.

With a compact all-in-one design, easy app-based programming, minimal training requirements and flexible supervising station connectivity, the Autocall Foundation Series is an ideal fire detection solution for any contractor looking to protect buildings like doctors’ offices, strip malls, restaurants, small schools and more, according to Johnson Controls.

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