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Johnson Controls introduces Tyco Software House iSTAR Edge G2

Johnson Controls introduces Tyco Software House iSTAR Edge G2

CORK, Ireland—The iSTAR Edge G2 provides powerful, flexible and secure access control operation at the network edge enabling cyber-hardened, standalone physical access control.

iSTAR Edge G2 provides:

  • An optional PoE module that provides ample power for two doors, while allowing the controller to leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce installation costs; 
  • Local alarm and event buffering in the event communication to the host is interrupted;
  • Users an advanced access control feature set, including OSDP, peer-to-peer clustering and allowing a local database of up to one million cardholders;
  • Localized decision-making at each door, increasing overall system reliability;
  • Advanced hardware-based cybersecurity protection; and
  • A secure web interface for remote diagnostics, management and the ability to fix performance issues from any location, increasing user-friendly servicing options.

Using Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a secure, isolated environment within the CPU that runs in parallel to the main Linux OS. This guarantees confidentiality and integrity of the code and data loaded within the device. TEE provides reliable storage of keys and other cryptographic materials, and manages a secure booth process to guarantee authenticated sources for hardware and software.

iSTAR Edge G2 can replace its predecessor, iSTAR Edge, as hardware configurations and connection points remain the same. Coupled with a built-in database conversion tool within C•CURE 9000, existing iSTAR Edge users benefit from a seamless transition to the latest technology.

Designed to drastically reduce installation and startup costs, controlling and powering all access control devices at the door minimizes installation costs. A rechargeable coin cell battery for the real-time-clock (RTC) and the use of super-caps to provide power for graceful shutdowns when power is lost helps minimize service needs, further reducing costs.


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