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LogRhythm announces partnership with Cimcor for enhanced cybersecurity capabilities

LogRhythm announces partnership with Cimcor for enhanced cybersecurity capabilities

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – LogRhythm has begun a partnership with Cimcor, a security and integrity software solutions developer, to help organizations around the globe increase visibility and protect against modern cyberattacks.

The partnership leverages LogRhythm's security information and event management (SIEM) platform and Cimcor's file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution, CimTrak. Its integration with CimTrak allows LogRhythm to ingest integrity data that can identify zero-day attacks, ransomware activity, and configuration vulnerabilities.

"Security threats are constantly evolving, and organizations must remain vigilant in protecting their sensitive data and infrastructure," said Andrew Hollister, Chief Information Security Officer at LogRhythm. "Our partnership with Cimcor allows us to offer a holistic cybersecurity solution that not only detects and monitors threats but also safeguards the integrity and compliance of crucial files and systems. By leveraging this joint offering, organizations can strengthen their security posture and effectively combat ever-evolving cyber threats."

With this integration LogRhythm can monitor the integrity of a customer’s enterprise, whether those assets are physical, virtual, hybrid, air-gapped, or in the cloud. Some of the key benefits of this integration include:

  • Identify security breaches and incidents in seconds compared to an industry average of 207 days.
  • Remediate and roll back unwanted changes (malicious or circumvented changes) manually or automatically.
  • Deploy and easily operate in just an hour without the need for professional services.
  • Gain visibility into unexpected changes to your enterprise.

“LogRhythm offers extensive support for and integration across our entire product portfolio to address the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape,” said Robert E. Johnson, III, President/CEO and co-founder at Cimcor. "This partnership enables us to extend the reach of our solutions and provide customers with a comprehensive security offering. Together, we can help organizations stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and protect their most critical assets."

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