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Lumeo announces “Lumeo-Ready” Gateways to accelerate field deployments

Lumeo announces “Lumeo-Ready” Gateways to accelerate field deployments

OAKLAND, Calif.—Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, has announced the launch of “Lumeo-Ready” Gateways, in partnership with AIMobile, Seeed Studio, and Velasea.

Lumeo-Ready Gateways are production-ready devices that allow end-users and integrators to quickly bring up and configure on-site hardware, and then deploy a wide range of video analytics solutions using Lumeo’s customizable video analytics platform.

LumeoLumeo is an open and flexible video analytics platform that addresses the specific business challenge of bridging the latest AI models and techniques with a growing audience attempting to bring intelligence and automation to market through vision AI.

The easy-to-use Lumeo platform lets customers harness AI with their existing cameras and infrastructure to make sense of video data for alarm monitoring, customer experience, marketing, compliance, physical security, and many more use cases.

Lumeo-Ready gateways come pre-installed with the Lumeo engine and a user-friendly browser-based configuration, so setting them up in the field has never been easier. Users simply plug in the device, access the browser interface, and link it to their Lumeo account to start deploying advanced video analytics.

One of the key features of these gateways is their seamless integration with Tailscale and AllXON, allowing for effortless remote configuration, management, and firmware updates. This ensures that users can easily maintain and optimize their devices from any location, maximizing efficiency and productivity.

To cater to diverse needs, the Lumeo-Ready Gateways are available in various configurations, including the Nvidia Orin Nano, Nvidia Orin NX, and x86 workstations/servers with Nvidia DGPUs. These device configurations can support processing from eight to 50+ channels per device, providing users with the scalability and performance required for their specific projects.

For developers and the broader Nvidia ecosystem, Lumeo-Ready gateways offer pre-validated, production-grade hardware, along with a supply chain that is ready for scale. Combined with the flexibility of Lumeo’s platform to deploy custom AI models and build Python/OpenCV-based solutions, they significantly reduce the time to go live for custom solutions.

Lumeo is partnering with three vendors, AIMobile, Seeed Studio, and Velasea, to bring the Lumeo-Ready Gateways to market. This collaboration offers customers flexibility in terms of procurement, pricing, service, and warranty options. Lumeo-Ready gateways are now available via partner websites and distribution channels as well. With these partnerships, Lumeo aims to empower integrators & end-users with the tools they need to succeed in their video analytics endeavors.

“In our continued effort to grow our portfolio of offerings and partner with cutting-edge technology companies, we are thrilled to announce our ability to deliver a turnkey solution that combines the best AI-enabled hardware with our Lumeo Platform,” said Devarshi Shah, CEO and co-founder of Lumeo. “Lumeo-Ready devices, powered by the innovative hardware solutions offered by AIMobile, Seeed Studio, and Velasea offer everything a customer needs to get a full AI analytic solution up and running in a short amount of time.”

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