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Lumeo announces partnership with Grip Places

Lumeo announces partnership with Grip Places

OAKLAND, Calif.—Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, has announced a partnership with Grip Places, a cutting-edge analytics provider for the retail and restaurant industries.

Grip’s solution provides access to data analysis software and tools through the cloud, rather than requiring a business to invest in on-premise software. Many small to mid-size businesses cannot justify the costs of in-house development and large data analysis teams. With Grip, these businesses can access powerful data analysis tools that can help to grow business and the bottom line.

LumeoGrip Places' flagship product, Video Analytics as a Service (VaaaS), employs AI-driven cameras and advanced AI analytics to transform video data into actionable insights, all while maintaining customer privacy. VaaaS captures valuable customer demographic data such as age and gender analysis, new vs. repeat customers, and mood analysis, among other features.

The goal, according to Lumeo, is to assist retail operators in making informed decisions about their product offerings, enhancing their services, and creating fresh and meaningful insights by integrating their existing tech stack with Grip Places' premium data nodes. These innovative AI and machine vision tools, combined with an intuitive analytics dashboard, enable businesses to gain a better understanding of their data, attract new customers, and increase sales. One of Grip Places' powerful analytics is the new vs. repeat algorithm, which distinguishes between a repeat visitor and a unique or new visitor. This data, combined with demographic analysis and age and gender analysis, enables retail operators to determine the effectiveness of a promotion or marketing change in attracting new customers, including the number of new visitors, their visit times, and other exciting new insights.

Lumeo offers a turnkey platform, complete with predefined models, that brings intelligence and automation to market through vision AI. Lumeo is an open and flexible video analytics platform that addresses the specific business challenge of bridging the latest AI models and techniques with a growing audience attempting to bring intelligence and automation to market through vision AI. Grip Places recognized the potential of the Lumeo platform and leveraged Lumeo’s library of ready-to-use AI models to make data analytics typically limited to large corporations, accessible to retail stores and restaurants.

“Lumeo’s ability to deliver advanced AI analytics with low-code, no-code building blocks, sets it apart from other cloud-based analytic vendors we’ve used,” said Jon Fairband, founder and CEO of Grip Places. “Using Lumeo we were able to quickly leverage Lumeo’s platform as one of our preferred tech stacks to build from in order to launch our first custom solution.”  

Beyond offering a turnkey solution built on Lumeo, Grip Places is also joining the Lumeo marketplace by offering its analytics dashboard as a service. This new Grip product suite enables any Lumeo customer to collect and summarize their data in easy-to-use charts and graphs. Grip will also be releasing their additional premium nodes, such as demographics, new vs. repeat and more in the coming weeks. Furthermore Grip’s, analytics dashboards will give Lumeo’s customers the capability to view any data generated in real time. By incorporating Grip's demographics nodes into their analytic pipelines, users can add advanced demographic information while also safeguarding privacy.

“We are pleased to partner with Grip Places. This partnership shows the flexibility of the Lumeo platform,” noted Devarshi Shah, CEO and co-founder of Lumeo. “Lumeo is not just a ‘security’ analytic platform, our building-blocks go beyond intrusion detection or license plate detection. Lumeo’s marketplace of AI models allowed Grip Places to produce an intuitive marketing dashboard that offers actionable insights that small to mid-size businesses were usually shut out from and bring big data analytics to locally owned businesses.”

The combination of innovative forward-looking integrators and the powerful, but easy-to-use Lumeo platform is transforming the way businesses gather, analyze, and act on video data. The partnership between Grip Places and Lumeo brings insightful analytics as a service to retailers, restaurants, and the corner mom-and-pop shop – companies that are typically priced-out of advanced AI analytics.

For more information about Lumeo and Grip Places partnerships stop by booth #29075 during ISC West next week.


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