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March Networks’ new compliance solution

March Networks’ new compliance solution

OTTAWA, Ontario—March Networks’ Health Compliance Solution helps enterprise businesses manage new health and safety compliance regulations in the COVID-19 era. It features a suite of new features that empower banks, retailers, restaurants, schools and other businesses monitor and measure occupancy in real time, rapidly detect individuals who may pose a potentials risk and ensure compliance with new cleaning and sanitization procedures. 

“COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges and at March Networks, we’re doing all we can to help business owners get back to work while instilling confidence in consumers that these organizations have taken the necessary steps to keep them safe,” Peter Strom, president and CEO, March Networks, said in the announcement.

The Health Compliance Solution is based on March Networks’ data analytic platform, Searchlight, combining data from video surveillance cameras and third-party sensors to alert operators in real time of potential compliance violations. 

“With Searchlight as the centerpiece, this solution equips businesses to quickly make informed decisions that can help them reduce risk and further improve health and safety moving forward. We will continue to work closely with our customers to add more functionality to the platform as new regulations emerge.” 

The first release of the Health Compliance Solution includes: 

Real-time occupancy management: Businesses can count the number of people entering their locations in real time and visualize occupancy data in multiple ways, locally and from a central location.

Occupancy alerts can be displayed on a local, color-coded video client or public view monitor, mobile phone, tablet or a smart lighting system, which can change color to indicate when maximum capacity is nearing. Video clients display maximum count number with a red background once capacity has been reached while an email or SMS message is simultaneously sent to a manager.

Data can also be viewed historically via reports and dashboards, allowing the identification of trends and to easily pinpoint high-risk locations. 

Real-time elevated body temperatures alerts: Searchlight’s open platform integrates with many third-party thermal cameras to send real-time email notifications with video snapshot of the person that triggered the alert and SMS alerts.

All alerts are logged centrally, allowing search and sort alerts by location and camera; view of data in chart or graph format; identification of trends and a rapid response. 

Health and safety audits: New health and safety procedures to ensure compliance with re-opening rules can automatically be captured via video. Audits can also validate that employees are wearing masks and glove, and verify physical barriers, such as sneeze guards, are in place. 

March Networks’ Health Compliance Solution is available on flexible one-, three- or five-year service term, and in the U.S. and Canada, the solution is available as a hosted service, offering monthly invoicing options.


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