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Mass transit job propels partnership

Mass transit job propels partnership TimeSight Systems and Sentry 360 announce alliance

NEW YORK—Spurred on by a project with a “major mass transit client” camera maker Sentry 360 and video lifecycle management provider TimeSight Solutions announced a technology alliance at ISC Solutions, which took place here Nov. 2 -3.

“We have a couple of customers that are looking for [a combined solution] and that is the sole driving factor for the alliance,” Charles Foley, TimeSight CEO. “As young growing companies in the business, we are led by our customers.”

The two technologies are solving a major problem for high-end customers who want to “be able to see everything, anywhere, any time” and want to be able to economically manage and store the video, Foley said.

Sentry 360 provides a full range of network video cameras that range from 1.3 up to 10 megapixels “and that resolution is climbing; we'll have a new product launch early next year,” said Thomas Carnevale, CEO of Sentry 360. Sentry is known for its “immersive video technology” which enables a viewer to “be inside an environment with an omni-directional presence with no blind spots,” he explained. Further, the company's so-called “dWarping” technology “enables you to correct the fisheye view so it doesn't look spherical, but you can also pan, tilt and zoom around the [room, lobby, or parking lot, for example.]”

TimeSight Solutions' video lifecycle management project shrinks selected stored data overtime.

Foley and Carnevale said that working together, the two technologies decrease the number of cameras needed, reduce storage requirements while enabling longer retention time for important video, speed up installation, and, finally, reduce energy consumption.

The likely verticals for the combined technologies include: critical infrastructure, government and port facilities, prisons and mass transit. The two plan to announce their mass transit project win after the first of the year.


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