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Milestone Systems launches new partner program

Milestone Systems launches new partner program Program designed for resellers, systems integrators, specialists, providers to help grow business, achieve customer success

Milestone Systems launches new partner program

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—Milestone Systems, a leading provider of open platform video management software, today announced new enhancements to its Partner Program that are designed to maximize partner success, help partners compete in a constantly changing market, and provide more enhanced profitability.

Aimed at deepening the company’s relationships with its partners, the program’s enhancements include a transparent three-tier program design, partner status by country level, expanded program benefits and partner rewards, introduction of growth rebates for top tier partners, and realigned participation requirements. The new program will launch and go into effect on July 1, 2022.

Designed with new incentives, resources, rewards, and support, the program aims to empower its partners to drive growth and deliver top-performing video solutions for a wide-range of customers and industries.

“Milestone is and will remain a partner-centric company. We are fully channel driven, and we’re committed to deepening our relationships with our partners,” said Bill Rainey, Vice President of Global Channel Strategy at Milestone Systems. “Through this new program, we will help our partners thrive and grow as they take advantage of this tremendous and differentiated market opportunity.”

The new program has many improvements and new additions to help partners provide customers with the best solutions and services. These include:

Simpler Three-tier Program Design

The new design aligns Partners to three-tiers: Authorized, Advanced, and Premier based on their productivity and qualifications. More simplified and easier to understand, it will help customers identify why a particular partner is the right one for an installation.

Partner Status by Country Level

To provide more flexibility and make it easier for partners to gain access to top tier benefits, status will be based on country level, rather than individual sites. Eligibility will be determined through a combination of revenue and certifications for all the partners’ sites within a country.

Expanded Benefits and Rewards

Beyond the tier discounts for selling Milestone products, Advanced and Premier Partners will be eligible for additional benefits including project pricing eligibility, priority technical support, not-for-resale demonstration licenses, and more.

Introduction of Growth Rebates

Premier Partners will be eligible to earn rebates of up to 4 percent of annual Milestone sales for exceeding sales revenue goals. Accelerator rebates are progressive; the more partners sell, the more they earn. Premier partners will have separate revenue targets.

Realigned Requirements

Partners will have to generate a minimum Milestone revenue to participate in the Program. Advanced and Premier Partners will have to complete trainings and earn certifications. Premier Partners will also have to actively promote the Milestone brand and products, as well as create an annual business plan.

“As Milestone continues to grow and expand, we’re reshaping and improving the benefits offered while also streamlining the processes within our partner programs,” noted Tim Palmquist, VP of the Americas, Milestone Systems. “This, in turn, will help us improve clarity and understanding with our partners and allow us to be more intentional in supporting our shared growth strategies.” 

Visit the Milestone Partner Program website to learn more.


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