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More on Macs for government

More on Macs for government

So, Apple Insider and a number of Mac blogs are all hot and bothered that an IDC report on Apple's sales figures has them increasing government sales by 200 percent.

Agreed, that's a big number. Still, 200 percent of not very much is still not very much.

Similarly, people are noting that Apple's growth in the education market is slower than the overall PC market. Which, of course, is because Apple already has a huge share in education, so it's harder to grow there.

Still, the news of the government growth is possibly significant. I had a small piece about VideoNEXT and Siemens selling onto Apple servers with the government last October, so I can't say I'm overly surprised by the news. My piece deals with anecdotal evidence, admittedly, but the number of VMS/DRV providers that have made a point of telling me their stuff works on Macs and with iPhones, etcs., has grown substantially in the past two years, and large IT distributors like TechData have made commitments to Apple and security, so there is supporting anecdotal evidence that says it's not crazy to think Apple is making significant inroads into markets that have traditionally been Windows-based.

What does Apple think about the government and security marketplaces? I have no idea. Every interview request I've thrown their way (and there have been half a dozen or so) has either been completely ignored or completely rebuffed. I tried talking to them at this forum back at ASIS in 2008, but was told to go pound sand.


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