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Nashua schools to mull $2.4m bond for security upgrades

Nashua schools to mull $2.4m bond for security upgrades

NASHUA, N.H.—The Board of Aldermen in this city New Hampshire city will host a public hearing about bonding $2.4 million to upgrade security equipment at the city's schools, according to a report from The Telegraph, a Nashua newspaper.

The bond would pay for installing cameras, electronic locks, intercoms, viewing monitors for main offices and remote door lock releases at all city schools.

While there is some disagreement between aldermen about the best way to go about funding the upgrades, most agreed that improvements are needed.

“Watching what happened in Newtown really convinced me that more is needed to protect teachers and students,” Superintendent Mark Conrad was quoted in the report.

In 2007, the city contracted with W.L. Bliss Associates to conduct a security assessment of Nashua schools, according to the report. While the school district was deemed “extremely vulnerable” in its ability to protect schools from unwanted visitors, the $2 million in security improvements, which was approved by the Board of Education and alderman, had to be scrapped in light of a budget shortfall.

Some on the School Board are optimistic that borrowing the money will enable the school district to realize the security improvements they've long needed, the report said.


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