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New technology poised to change security cabling infrastructure forever

New technology poised to change security cabling infrastructure forever Security pros team up to unveil new “Patented Green Design Infrastructure of the Future”

New technology poised to change security cabling infrastructure forever

Robinson’s Engineering Consultants, LLC. (R.E.C.), in direct coordination with Pierre Bourgeix of Butchko•ESI, David Hess of Cord Data, and Robert Brennan of Sentinel Connector Systems, are unveiling a new cabling infrastructure solution that is poised to change forever the way the silicon and fiber worlds look at security and energy efficiency surrounding data transmission.

As Brett D Robinson, Ph.D., President/Chief Design & Test Engineer for R.E.C. points out in a white paper on this new solution, there are nearly two billion world ports connected in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Island nations alone.

“Data infrastructure has seen great advancements in the past 30 years; however, the one place that very little has been done for future advancements is the PC board, jack connections, and especially shielded cable/wire gauge advancements,” Robinson explained. “Although chip technology has advanced with NVIDIA, AMD, and INTEL battling for greater processing capability, this has done little to help the global strain it has put on energy and power consumption primarily due to signal amplification requirements.”

The data transmission/security industry, he added, “has been battling with the pull of technology advancements, its effects on our worldwide resources, yet has no real-time clue on the way to get there.”

As Bourgeix points out, “We are working on 30- to 40-year-old infrastructure that won’t protect us one bit. And we are not talking about fiber anymore, because fiber is now becoming the problem, and you will see things going in a different direction pretty quickly. Right now, if you get an EMP attack, you are not protected. If you don’t have this new type of cabling infrastructure that is now available today, you are done.”

Massive Energy Savings

This advanced solution has been created to have a dual purpose because it incorporates EMI/EMP/Transient Energy protection and features cutting-edge design that assures and protects the data infrastructure, preventing the harmful RFI intrusion onto circuitry via stripline designed against EMI/EMP/TREE, which permanently can harm plus create inefficient power and energy use.

“We like to call this innovative new solution, ‘The Green Infrastructure of the Future,’” noted Robert Brennan, CEO of Sentinel Connector Systems, Inc. in York, Pa. “With the world in turmoil and energy skyrocketing, now is the time for an advanced ‘new green cabling infrastructure,’ because spending millions of dollars a week just to operate data centers due to archaic infrastructures is ludicrous.”

To incorporate a true path forward, Brennan and Robinson said that electronic design institutions will have to incorporate a solution that must establish a onetime monetary expenditure onto their present infrastructure with a clear return on investment within the next 3-year period.

“We really need to be concerned about the future in regard to not only RF intrusion protection but energy usage, which is massive in data centers, for example,” noted Bourgeix. “This same new infrastructure that we are talking about is not just protecting against EMP/EMI, it is the green infrastructure, which amounts to an 80 percent reduction in heat. Right now, we spend insanely huge amounts of money on cooling data centers, so most of the energy being consumed is for that.”

He continued, “With this new cabling technology and Cat 8 / 25G InvisiJack, we now have the carrying potential and the right design, so the focus now is on educating the industry and getting everyone to agree that we need to move forward with this. Yes, there will be a high initial cost, but with the energy savings that can be achieved with the new infrastructure, you can get repayment on that within three years.”

Changing the Paradigm

This revolutionary new solution includes RJ45 stripline products, shielded cabling, and unique PCB materials for high speeds well above 5GHz, and is presently in production at Sentinel Connector, in York Pa. Additional features include the Cat 8/25g shielded (stripline) RJ45 Jack, Class 1 shielded tempest high speed low resistance copper cables, plus the path of least resistance “Femto” based circuit board materials, in lieu of the age old standard FR4.

The InvisiJack features the Cat 8 / 25g shielded (stripline) RJ45 Jack innovative enhanced design, with no-magnetics, true shielded RJ45 connector for higher speed copper cabling, for 25Gb/s is necessarily more energy efficient than Cat 5 / 1G & Cat 6 / 10G.

As Bourgeix points out, another key aspect of the cabling is that there are “no RF resonances”, so you can push more data and faster at less cost. Until this connector was created, there was no real solutions available. The new way the RJ45 connector is structured and designed is brilliant, and its patented proven product.”

InvisiJack Benefits include:

  • Energy Efficiency - saves over 80% (or more) in energy costs.
  • Higher Speeds - 25G - 50G - 100G applications with up to 3GHz per pair in RJ45 interface package.
  • Secure Communications - Provides EMI/RFI/EMP Protection.
  • Proven Technology - Over 350,000 units in use by Major Test Equipment Manufacturers.

In addition to achieving a power savings of 80%, or more versus the present copper and fiber Systems, the new cabling infrastructure features:

  1. No magnetic transformers required, no Baluns required, nor power wasting amplification ASICs thanks to Stripline technology and “Femto” printed circuit boards available today, leaving the standard FR4 boards a thing of the past.
  2. Shielded Cat 8 Stripline RJ45 Jacks Mitigate EMI-RFI-EMP (Note: proper grounding techniques are essential)
  3. In use by major manufactures of test equipment worldwide today!
  4. Real-Time Physical PoE 4 proof tested.
  5. Price per Gigabit is much less than present copper or fiber systems available.
  6. All high speed double shielded cables are TEMPEST/EMSEC Class 1 only.
  7. Protocol (rearward compatible).
  8. All products proudly made in America/USA

“In addition, the fulltime use of the Sentinel Cat 8 / 25g shielded stripline Jack including the use of their class 1, category 6A/Cat 8 shielded cables will permit your interfacing circuit boards to receive the 3 ~ 8GHz high speed data benefits,” Robinson explained. “All of these modifications will permanently remove the need for amplified ASICs onto your PCBs, along with the ever power consuming, 600MHz max (Rare Earth) Magnetics forever.”

While there are going to be naysayers, Bourgeix is confident that this new technology will force chip companies to rethink the design of their boards, and, more importantly, their reliance on highly resistive FR4 fiber glass PCBs.

“FR4 has always been their go to baby, but that’s because that’s all they know. We have found that Femto “Teflon” internal layering using German silver over pure copper lines is the way to go,” Bourgeix said. “And when you mention you can have better infrastructure with an 80 percent reduction in expended heat, they all look and say, ‘it’s time for a change in architecture.’”

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