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NFPA debuts authenticity program

NFPA debuts authenticity program

QUINCY, Mass.—The National Fire Protection Association is launching a new authenticity program, through which users and customers can ensure that digital copies of NFPA documents have not been altered, according to an organization statement.

The program was developed in response to mounting concerns about counterfeit or unauthorized copies of NFPA digital documents.

"NFPA codes and standards are widely used in design, construction, and enforcement throughout North America, as well as countries around the world,” Christian Dubay, NFPA vice president of codes and standards, and chief engineer, said in the statement. “An alteration or omission of even a single digit or letter in a formula can tragically impact public safety.”

The NFPA authenticity stamp contains a customer's identification number, and is a live link to a verification database that includes NFPA documents in this program. If the document does not have the stamp, or if information is incorrect, or if there is no link to the NFPA website, the downloaded document may be unauthorized and inaccurate, the statement said.

The authenticity program, whose final phase was completed in January, is now fully implemented online.


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