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Doyle Security Systems President/CEO Jack Doyle – ‘I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity’

Doyle Security Systems President/CEO Jack Doyle – ‘I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity’

Doyle Security Systems

YARMOUTH, Maine—Doyle Security Systems has provided safety and security services in Upstate New York and surrounding communities for more than 100 years.

Family owned and operated since 1919, the Rochester, N.Y.-based provider of integrated security management products and services recently announced the promotion of Jack Doyle, the great-great-grandson of company founder John A. Doyle, to president and CEO, becoming the fifth generation to lead his family’s company.

Jack DoyleIn this exclusive interview, Jack Doyle speaks with Security Systems News about carrying on his family’s legacy, what being selected as a member of the SSN 40 under 40 (Class of 2020) has meant to himself and his company, and his vision for Doyle Security Systems going forward.

SSN: Congratulations on becoming president and CEO of Doyle Security Systems. How does it feel becoming the fifth generation to lead your family’s company?

DOYLE: Thank you. I feel incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, and lucky that my dad's left the company in such a strong position. We've got a great leadership team already established at Doyle, and we've got a great model that's worked out for us, so I'm coming to the role in a really strong position already, and you really couldn't ask for much more being a new CEO.

SSN: Doyle Security Systems is celebrating its 104th anniversary this year as a leading provider of integrated security management products and services, servicing more than 40,000 residential and commercial customers across New York and Pennsylvania. Can you talk about what that means to you and for the company?

DOYLE: We're proud of the growth we've experienced, of course. Our goal is to be the most sought-after security services provider in upstate New York and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We feel like we're doing everything we can to earn the trust and confidence of our customers to provide reliable, effective security solutions, and that growth speaks to the trust our customers have in us. That's what it means to us.

SSN: Are there any “Wow!” numbers you would like to share with our readers?

DOYLE: Between 2019 and today, we've grown from about $950,000 in RMR to over $1.7 million in RMR. We've integrated several incredibly talented teams from a few key acquisitions, and we're looking forward to growing further. Currently, we’re at $1.79 million RMR YTD.

SSN: It’s been three years since you were named as a member of the Security Systems News 40 under 40. Tell us what that accolade has meant to you since being chosen for the Class of 2020.

DOYLE: The recognition was wonderful, very much appreciated, and I'm appreciative to SSN for considering me for this recognition and obviously to my peers who nominated me. The recognition, I'd say, opened doors for me within the industry, which was amazing, just being able to network with so many bright minds in the security world.

SSN: What is your vision for the company going forward, in terms of achieving continued growth and profitability?

DOYLE: I've been blessed with an operating system that works. It has demonstrated growth and durability over a long time period, so we're going to continue to build on that and evolve as we always have. I think there's a growing need to expand the knowledge of our teams - our technical team, our sales team, our customer care team - expand our service offerings and focus in on becoming the trusted security advisor to our customers.





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