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Nice/Nortek Control launches Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator

Nice/Nortek Control launches Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator

CARLSBAD, Calif.—Nice/Nortek Control, a designer and manufacturer of smart home and building automation solutions, has announced the launch of the Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator (CDO).

The versatile CDO is engineered to provide professional installers with an all-in-one control unit solution that is reliable, fast-to-install and contains in-demand features that optimize customer door operation, like LED lighting and optional battery backup.

Designed for sectional doors up to 16 feet high with lighter duty cycles (up to 25 cycles per day), the Nice Soon Pro CDO features a compact, space-saving design and convenient installation directly to the door shaft.

It is also designed to fit where other commercial door operators cannot, as the Nice Soon Pro measures in at just 4.5 inches wide. The unique narrow design of the enclosure provides a compact footprint and makes it the ideal option for commercial door operation at installation sites with tight, limited wall space. In addition to reliable performance from a unique form factor, the modern design is visually appealing to end customers in need of a door control solution.   

The Nice Soon Pro is as user friendly as it is installation friendly. In direct response to customer demand, a responsive three-button station (Open, Close, Stop) comes standard with each Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator. For precision control, each operator also features advanced technology that guarantees door positioning without mechanical limit switches and allows for gradual start and slowdown during door operation.   

“Our ability to make the Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator available to customers is a direct result of the ongoing unification between Nice and Nortek Control,” said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing & Education at Nice/Nortek Control. “As we continue consolidating operations into a single entity in North America and unite the brands under one powerhouse portfolio, we’re presented with unique opportunities – such as the introduction of the Soon Pro – to showcase our expanded portfolio, and new solutions, to our customers. Even more exciting, this is just the beginning of what we’re able to share.”

“The Nice Soon Pro was made with consistency and reliability at top of mind for all operational environments,” noted Scotty Coristine, Product & Marketing Manager at Nice/Nortek Control. “The Nice Soon Pro features built-in LED lighting, an optional battery backup capable of powering door operation even when the power is out and also includes an energy-saving Eco-mode designed to save power and put the system in standby mode when not in use.Th e Soon Pro is versatile, easy-to-install and an ideal option for light commercial installs.”

Read more about the Nice Soon Pro or visit Nice/Nortek Control at IDA Expo 2022, April 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas in Booth #818 for a demonstration. To place an order and spec a Nice Soon Pro commercial door operator into a project, please contact your local Nice/Nortek Control representative.


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