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NMC opens new central station

NMC opens new central station California facility boasts enhanced infrastructure and redundancies, new education center

LAKE FOREST, Calif.—National Monitoring Center's new 25,000-square-foot hot-redundant central station, located here, features upgrades in hardware, infrastructure, telecommunications and redundancies, Woodie Andrawos, executive vice president of NMC, told Security Systems News.

“We wanted to take it to the next level and make this become the new standard for central stations, something that everybody will look up to,” Andrawos said. “We wanted to set the bar from a technology and a capacity point of view, and make something that's just not out there.”

Andrawos said that, so far, the response from dealers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Even before the central station went live, NMC was bringing prospective dealers in to take a look at the company's new California home, Andrawos said. “We signed up some dealers just based on what they saw,” he said. “The first thing they say when they come in is, 'Wow, this is NASA.”

Sleek as the facility is, Andrawos says he doesn't want to overemphasize the appearance at the expense of the many technological upgrades and enhanced redundancies that also define the new central station. In conceiving the facility, the company aimed to create an “inviting environment” for employees, complete with everything required for a 24-hour operation center to run smoothly, Andrawos explained.

The company also wanted the facility to be a place where dealers could bring high-end clients to show them a sophisticated monitoring center, Andrawos added.

Another feature of the new facility is NMC's new education center, which holds more than 50 people. The center allows the company to provide additional services to dealers and their clients, Andrawos said.

“Those additional services could have to do with manufacturer training, training on our company and our automation platform, or meetings that have to do with reduction of false alarms or other issues within our industry,” he said. Andrawos added: “We wanted to have an education center that's interactive and one of a kind.”     

NMC had an active presence at ISC West, highlighted by the company's annual event at the Hyde Lounge at the Bellagio, which this year brought in approximately 400 current dealers and prospects, Andrawos told SSN.


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