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Not quite wrapped

Not quite wrapped

I hope you will be both refreshed and comfortable as you read this week’s blog, safe in the knowledge that you will have achieved more restful sleep than I have, dear readers.

That’s right, I’m burning the midnight oil lately as I have spent this week chasing the last of my GSX content out the door. Well, there’s bound to be some leftovers, but come next week I’ll be back into the normal flow as I gear up to tackle October (it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, you know).

That’s why I wanted to take this space to highlight some of the lovely people I met and interviewed with during GSX this year. While not everything makes it into print, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention some of the more memorable visits I had. Like Shooter Detection Systems (SDS), always a good group of people with a service I can get behind. At the show this year they were highlighting the launch of “Secure Grants,” a program focused mainly on K-12, but also funding for groups that might otherwise be an afterthought, like small regional airports and the like. If you’ve been reading this space long enough, you’ll know exactly how I feel about gun violence in schools especially, so the work they’re doing at SDS gets a gold star in my book.

Then there’s also the folks from Netwatch who gave me insight into their method of picking partners. They forego a booth and most of the executive team were fellow floor-warriors with me, meeting prospective candidates. To hear them tell it while their booth will draw traffic, it’s not necessarily the type of clientele they’re trying to target, saying they’d rather have “50 great dealers than 2,000 maybe dealers.” I like to see that kind of hustle from their team, and more it tells me what kind of confidence they have in their product.

Vistacom wasn’t the only company I met offering command center-style solutions at the show (I think I met with four), but they were the ones that sold me on their pitch immediately. They talked about the popularity of their touch panels and their focus on keeping their approach and technology simple, scalable, and secure. Remote monitoring centers and security command centers are a trend I’ve noticed rising in the past year. Some of the other companies I visited were all about the tech involved, so I appreciated seeing an approach with an eye to making it simple for the end user and how they might need to interact with the product.

That’s it for this week’s blog. There’s a few more pieces of GSX content hitting the website soon, and who knows, maybe we’ll do another one of these next week.

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